Gestalt Exercise


In order to start the project I had to go to an environment that would allow me to think and become more creative.  Even though this is not an original design I chose to create this out of circles to help with my visual message.   I chose to use the Emoji because I feel that it really represents the visual communication of the next generation.  I chose the eye roll one because I feel that’s one of the best ways are children can visually communicate through their unspoken verbal language.  I choose to use gumballs because I feel that they lose their flavor quickly and visual communication can also lose flavor quickly if do not “Focus” on the right message.  We’ve all heard of death by PowerPoint where there’s a lot of reading and not a lot of visual stimulation so it reminds me of how quickly gum can lose its flavor and how quickly we can lose or audience if we don’t communicate effectively.  Even though a circle never end, let us not lose our flavor or audience and let us keep it fresh by replacing it with new pieces.