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I will be designing a two-page article layout for an LDS magazine.  The audience for my story will be directed to adults through the Ensign Magazine,  who may have put off personal goals and redirected themselves through prayer and obedience.  Below I have shared a personal story of how I let my educational goal idle until it was the right timing, through prayer, for me to pursue it again.  Sometimes it is hard in life for us to put aside what we think is personally best compared to what our Heavenly Father knows is best for us. Below is my story and images I would like to use for my design.

Story: Timing

“Mom, could you please take the kids for an hour while I finish up this paper?” Such turmoil over such a simple question.  Was I putting my education before my children, was an “A” more important than my child. What kind of mother would do this!

I was a young woman racing for success, driven to earn a college degree, and ready to travel the country.  Then I was prompted to put the brakes on and told to get to know this guy better.  My race car life would quickly turn into a leisure mini-van with different destinations that put a yield in my perfectly mapped out plan.

God had a plan for me and He still does.  I married that man I was supposed to get to know better.  I quit that career I thought I was going to take to the top, I had four children and resigned to traveling to Disneyland and educational trips instead of the country. I had always believed in the Plan of Salvation, I mean you hear about it from the day you’re born to the day you die and I am sure they’re hearing about it in heaven right now! What I did not pay attention to was God’s individual plan for me.

Overall the Plan of Salvation is for all of us; much like winning the game would be the ultimate goal for a soccer team. Along the way a coach will have different players execute plays or play special positions to advance them in the game that could possibly lead them to victory.  The coach can see the whole playing field and advice players to move this way or that way to defend or offend in the game. I later learned to trust in my Coach, my Heavenly Father.

Shortly after being married and having had two children, I called my mom to see if she could take my daughter so I could finish writing a college paper.  This moment became another braking moment. As a mother I felt something just wasn’t right for me to pass my little one-year-old off so I could finish a paper.  I began to pray about my educational goal and as a couple we prayed about it. I knew it was time for me to change my plan again.  My loving coach moved me to a new position, a position only He knew would advance me to where I needed to go. This was a hard thing for me, and I have to say even though I could logically understand, I still felt a little confused but I was obedient.

Time flew by as if I was driving my race car again, I quickly put my career skills to work as a volunteer at the school, PTA, and coaching.  I became involved in everything my children were learning and we traveled where we could enhance their education and family unity.  Heavenly Father was right this new position was great. Then the game changed again, my old position was opening up, our youngest child was going to start school.

This would allow me at least six hours a day to myself.  My husband and I started looking at all kinds of educational options for me.  We prayed, searched, studied, financially mapped out different colleges.  My brother told me about a new program the church was doing, the Pathway program. I quickly researched the program, this appeared to be the answer to all our questions.  I felt like running and jumping into the crowd.  I applied, interviewed and was accepted.  This was an answer to my prayer, many prayers.  This was my own personal goal and Heavenly Father was blessing me with a way to achieve it.

Heavenly Father could see the whole field for me, He knew when it was time for me to move to a new position and when to get back in the old position.  Each semester I see how this plan has helped me to become a better mother and wife.  From a major I never planned on taking, to courses I felt prompted to take, courses that have stretched me and taught me things that have helped me strengthen my marriage and family, and all in the right timing, the Lord’s timing.

Heavenly Father has a plan for me and His timing for this plan was what I couldn’t see for myself.  Being obedient and having faith in Heavenly Father and His individual plan for me has brought me closer to the gospel and given me a stronger testimony of the Plan of Salvation.  I doubt not the Lord, nor his goodness. Don’t just trust in Heavenly Father’s plan, trust in His plan for you and be patient in His timing for your plan.






Pathway Program

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Pathway Program:


Slide Design Project

Created in Microsoft Powerpoint

Speakers Outline

Marriage is ordained of God

  • In today’s disposable society marriages are becoming equally disposable.
  • Marriage is ordained of God.
  • Humility and Repentance Marriage
  • Natural Man

Marriage ordained of God

  • The keys to surviving and enjoying marriage are found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Family Proclamation to the World
  • When we humbly turn our minds, or lives and our purpose over to God, He will refine us.
  • We gladly give our time energy to bless those around us especially those with whom we have made covenants with.

Flat tire relationship

  • “A Bad attitude is like a flat tire, If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.”
  • Appreciation inflates the tires on which we travel. Criticism is a slow leak in those tires.
  • Create a willingness to set your partner up for success
  • Love is not an accident it is a choice.

Put off the Natural Man

“The Natural man is inclined to think that the problem is our partner, the man of Christ knows that the irritation is probably the result of some faulty thinking some troublesome assumption and expectation nested in our unconscious.  We can remove the judging even if we cannot track down the troublesome assumptions.”

Irritation can be your friend

  • Muhammad Ali says, “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe.”
  • Irritation alerts you to the risk, just like a pebble in your shoe can cause blisters.
  • In Marriage, irritation serves the vital function of alerting us that something we are doing is creating a sore.
  • Irritation should be used as an invitation to repentance.


  • How do we use repentance to make our marriage stronger?
  • We can repent of our narrow, trivial, superficial demands. We can recognize that a person is beautiful because we choose to love her or him.
  • Humility to know our perceptions are very limited
  • In the spirit of humility, we listen to our partner and we listen to God

Greener where you water

  • James Marshall says, “The grass is greener on the side of the fence you water.”
  • Goddard teaches, “If we tend our own little patch, even with all its weeds and rocks, we will find a joy that passes understanding.  If we sit on the fence and dream, we will lose even our allotted garden spot. And the devil knows that.
  • If you want a successful marriage you must put the time and effort into your marriage, don’t fault find in your partner.  Instead offer your assistance improve the situation and marriage.
  • Don’t get caught in the trap of fault finding, water your own lawn let it flourish and grow.


I started the process by sketching a plan that went along with the message I wanted to share from Drawing Heaven into your marriage, chapter 4 by H. Wallace Goddard, PHD. (2009) My audience was anyone over the age of eighteen and especially to those who are struggling in marriage.  I wanted a simple design with a powerful message.  I started by rough sketching my ideas out on paper. (attached below).  After sketching it out I created the slides in powerpoint and searched for images online that would work with my outline and message. I used a flat design, with full bleed images, using a repeating element while using a gold and red color scheme.


Critique Report:

I critiqued Lisa Wong, Joshua Jones, Carrie Svozil and Melanie Jones.  I was critiqued by Lani Wong,  Carrie Svozil, and my Instructor.  I was advised to keep fonts together not separate, keep colors all light or dark on the repeating element, use the same font on each slide, and try to apply the typography on slide two to the rest of the design.  I accepted all advice given to me and changed my design to be more appealing and communicate more effectively.

Link to book:

Fonts:   Apple Chancery (Decorative), Farah (San Serif)

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Event Flier Project

Event Flyer Project


This projected was created using Microsoft Wordrsz_screen_shot_eventflierrachelmatthews

Process: Fall Festival is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser so I had the idea and needed to search for an image that would attract the attention of children. I retrieved an image from online that went with my message and red and brick color scheme. I added a decorative Marker Felt Font,  filled it in with brick coloring to match the brick circles, and outlined the lettering in black.  I thickened the weight of the line so it would grab the attention of the reader. I added a circle and filled it in, using my orange color scheme, where I placed my, red Candara serif font, body copy .  I used red on the body copy to go along with the red devil costume. Then I added a brick circle off to the left and a black circle to the upper right corner where I used transparency on so it wouldn’t be too bold. Then I added the date to the black balloon for a quick reference to the day, date and time.

Critique Process: I critiqued Brittany Picket, Lisa Smith, Connie Shirley, Loni Wong, and Savanah Burke.  I was critiqued by Emmanuel Gonzalez, Lisa McBeth Smith, and my instructor.  It was suggested that I realign the body copy, and try to make my title bolder by changing the color or size and just reworking it to stand out more to pass the focus test.  It was also suggested to make the font bigger on the balloon.  I did take most of the advice given to me  but I felt the rest could remain.  The changes I did make to my design really helped to enhance it.

Color Scheme: Brick and Red

Fonts: Title: Marker Felt (Decorative), Body Copy: Candara (Regular, San Serif)

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Tasteful Typography Project

Tasteful Typography

I designed this project in Microsoft Word.



Process: I first found a quote that I liked.  Then I searched for an image that would send the  message of not being alone to my audience.  My audience was adolescents and adults.  I copied the image into Microsoft word and then changed the view to publisher so it would be easier to add elements into the design.  I resized the image and flipped it horizontally to cover the enter page.  I then added textboxes for the body and title.  I  added two lines, which helped with a repeating element and in trying to tie the elements together. I used contrasting fonts and used colors that would add value to the design.  After advice from fellow classmates and satisfaction with the design I saved it to a pdf file then converted it to a jpg for easier viewing from online sources. ( and

Critique Report: I critiqued Makenzie Miller, Connie Shirley, Lisa Smith, and Rosemary vincent.  I was critiqued by my instructor and Lisa Smith.  I also had friends and family look at my design to understand how the design was being perceived . Through my critiques I changed my original picture, due to low resolution, to the current one placed above.  I added another line and removed an element to bring the design together.  After those changes were made I again went through the critique process again since I made a major change to the design where it was suggested to change the font color on the quote author and that change was made to enhance and not take away from the design. The critiques we very helpful and I made changes according to the critiques I received.  This lead me to the design you see today!

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Font name/category:Title, Ayuthaya, San Serif  Body Copy: Cambria, Serif