Magazine Spread Draft Critique


The first step for my Magazine Project Spead was to create a story, then sketch out possible layouts, and create a shape map.   This was helpful because I was able to draft different ideas that I felt would enhance the story I wanted to share. I brought my sketch to life by creating a shape map in Adobe Indesign.  The black areas are where my images will be placed and the placeholder text is where my text will go. I added notes for my fonts and color scheme.  Once the shape map was created I was able to easily go in and place the elements into my shape map to bring my magazine spread to life.  Here is my final project so far. 

Final project so far!

Final project so far!


Fonts:  Header Bell Mt (Old Style) Subheader and Body: Geneva (San Serif)

Image Sources:

Hand and Clock


Pathway Program


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