Final Portfolio

Process: Since this is a portfolio I  had most of the content created for this project. I took the designs I have made and saved them as jpgs.  Then I inserted the jpgs into Microsoft Powerpoint.  There I added a little design element, different colors and titles to create consistency within the design.  I added a beginning and end slide to Introduce and conclude my design abilities.  This project was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy my work!

Critique: I critiqued Lisa Smith and Carrie Svozil.  I was critiqued by Joshua Jones and Rosemary Vincent as well as Sister Peterson.  I was advised to keep all the font size and typography to create consistency.  My instructor suggested I make sure everything is aligned, I was missing a repeating element on one slide and to fix Designer on the introduction slide. I was also reminded to add a conclusion slide. I took all suggestions that were offered to me, made changes to my typography to create consistency.  I then added the conclusion slide and made sure I had all repeating elements. 



Magazine Spread Project

The first step for my Magazine Project Spread was to create a story, then sketch out possible layouts, and create a shape map.   This was helpful because I was able to draft different ideas that I felt would enhance the story I wanted to share. I brought my sketch to life by creating a shape map in Adobe Indesign.  The black areas are where my images will be placed and the placeholder text is where my text will go. I added notes for my fonts and color scheme.  Once the shape map was created I was able to easily go in and place the elements into my shape map to bring my magazine spread to life.  Here is my final project so far. 


Here is my final project as you can see it is a little different from my sketch and shape map.  I  moved one of my images and changed my typography to make it more visually appealing.  When I interred the images, it just didn’t flow the way I liked it to so I made changes as necessary.  I feel that the colors and images go well with my story.  My audience is anyone needs help trusting in Heavenly Father’s plan for them but I wrote it with the Ensign in mind.  This was a lot of fun!


Critique: I critiqued Megan Kraft, Emmanuel and Rosemary.  I was critiqued by Rosemary Vincent, Carrie Scvozil and my Instructor Sister Peterson.  I was advised to watch for widows, make changes to some of the images, balance out the columns and fix the spacing or indents.  I took the suggestions given to me and made some changes. I feathered one of my images, changed the typography, and made sure I had no widows and orphans.  I followed most of the advice given to me but there were something that I left the same. 

Fonts:  Header Bell Mt (Old Style) Subheader: Brush Script MT (Decorative)  and Body: Minion Pro (San Serif) 

Image Sources:

Hand and Clock


Pathway Program