Final Portfolio

Process: Since this is a portfolio I  had most of the content created for this project. I took the designs I have made and saved them as jpgs.  Then I inserted the jpgs into Microsoft Powerpoint.  There I added a little design element, different colors and titles to create consistency within the design.  I added a beginning and end slide to Introduce and conclude my design abilities.  This project was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy my work!

Critique: I critiqued Lisa Smith and Carrie Svozil.  I was critiqued by Joshua Jones and Rosemary Vincent as well as Sister Peterson.  I was advised to keep all the font size and typography to create consistency.  My instructor suggested I make sure everything is aligned, I was missing a repeating element on one slide and to fix Designer on the introduction slide. I was also reminded to add a conclusion slide. I took all suggestions that were offered to me, made changes to my typography to create consistency.  I then added the conclusion slide and made sure I had all repeating elements. 



15 thoughts on “Final Portfolio

  1. Nice job on your portfolio. I like the design elements you added to bring a little color and life to your slides. I think it added just enough without taking the focus off of your images. Great work this semester!


  2. Great job. Your typography on this portfolio was fantastic and kept me moving through your project. I loved that your first and last slide made me feel like I just finished a complete book. Didn’t make me look for something else. Great job!


  3. It’s so fun seeing everyone’s projects in one place! I love your black background throughout and the pop of color that ties in with your images. I think my favorite project is your typography…very powerful! Great learning from you this semester! Best of luck!


  4. I loved your design of your portfolio and how you used the color from your designs in your design element. I also like how you used black as the back ground and I think that is very daring and very effective. My favorite is your photographic study and how you saw what you did in each of the pictures. You are a great designer and thank you for sharing your work with me.


  5. Rachel, your typography project really stood out. When I did mine, I was trying to find an image that conveyed just that message. As for your portfolio, I love your use of color that pulls it all together. The projects show your skill in the programs we used. Any employer would be lucky to have you!


  6. Hey Rachel, I love your movie poster, you did a great job blending the images together.Your portfolio looks very professional, I like your color choices they all look really well together. Great work this semester.


  7. I love your portfolio. You did a great job in using shapes to guide your eye from left to right. The colors you used really emphasis your work. Your magazine spread and photographic design are my favorites. You did a really great job with your projects this semester!


  8. Rachel, it is hard to pick a favorite project because your portfolio looks great. I would have to pick the magazine spread, because it speaks to me every time I see it. You have strength with both the serious and the playful. I have enjoyed seeing your work.


  9. I really love how your portfolio turned out Rachel! Love your choice of design elements and color schemes. Everything looks very clean and professional! It’s so fun to see all of your projects together in one place! You did such great work on every single one of your projects, but I love your typography project the best! It was one of my favorite ones this entire semester! Nice work and best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.


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