My parents were married at age 18 and 19 and have been married for 45 years.  They are more in love now as they were then and have raised nine children, have 33 grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren and one on the way.  Most of my siblings and myself all married at what they world would consider relatively young.  I have been so blessed to have been married young.  My husband and I have grown up together,  we have the energy to raise our children, help in the community, and work on our eternal marriage together.  There are many blessings that come to a couple when the marry young but unfortunately research is saying that millennials aren’t getting married young. 

 As I was researching about young adults and marriage I came across a website called Michigan live and it grabbed my interest because of young adults not marrying.  I began to wonder if it was because of divorces, examples children had seen in their own home, media’s influence, or personal choice.  

We can all agree that dating has changed throughout the years from simple handholding and not daring to cross or offend any lines to couples thinking only about individual satisfaction.  In today’s society marriage is a pessimism, young adults want to get ahead in life, career, travel, they want to hang out hook up, and cohabitate.  (Successful Marriages and Families)

There are actually advantages to getting married young and in researching this topic a little further there are actually many advantages to marrying young.  There are popular media sources promoting young adult marriage, such as PopSugar, Huffington post and more.  “Scholars have found that there are certain traits that happily married spouses developed…the ability to love and communicate” (Successful Marriages and Families) I will not say that there has to be an exact time for everyone in the world to be married because there isn’t but I do believe being afraid to be married young does not need to be feared.  

I read that most young women plan most of their young life for their wedding day but they don’t plan beyond that.  (Successful Marriages and Families) Couples should not be looking for soulmates, or just looking for a guy to marry so they can have a huge wedding.  They should be looking for an eternal companion, someone they want to be with forever, and not wait to start that wonderful life.  

They shouldn’t be just planning for that “Big day”.  They should be planning for their future, they should want that big day to be the celebration to the start of together forever.    Plan to marry when the time is right for you whether it be young or old.  When the time is right don’t fear failure plan for success, plan beyond that big day, plan for your future together. (successful marriages and families)

Here are some advantages to being married young:

  1. “While you’re young you can enjoy the complete life adventure with your closest friend.
  2. You and your spouse are not set in your ways quite yet. You can mold and shape each other as time goes on.
  3. You learn to compromise as you approach some of life’s biggest decisions hand in hand.
  4. Support. When you’re starting your career or in school or moving every couple years, it’s so nice to have a cheerleader all the time.
  5. You’re unavoidably poor when you’re young, which helps you learn and gain financial stability together. When you start out with nothing, you learn to be grateful for anything.
  6. If you’re looking to start a family, reproductively your body is better equipped to have babies at a younger age.
  7. You’re used to making someone else your first priority.
  8. You celebrate many events and milestones together that people who marry later in life may not get the opportunity to.
  9. You grow up together.
  10. You let go of selfish habits before you develop them. It’s not always about where you want to go or what you want to see, and you learn to involve another person.
  11. You learn most everything together, both literally and metaphorically, and can help enhance each other’s education.
  12. You’ll both have more energy, whether that’s to work together, play together, or to chase after your kids together.
  13. Making plans for the future (for example, where you are going to live in the next few years, how many children you want, what kind of house you will buy, etc.) is easier because you’ve made the ultimate commitment and so you work as a unit.
  14. Your ambition and dreams don’t stop just because you’re married. You both get creative on how to achieve your personal and mutual goals.
  15. Marriage at a young age makes you both more accountable, to each other and to your individual goals.” (PopSugar)
  16.  “We didn’t waste money (because we didn’t have any.)

    We had very low expectations.

    I didn’t wait a decade for “The One,” or for a magical time when my stars aligned. If I spent years planning and dreaming up the perfect wedding and marriage and husband and life, I would have been severely disappointed. Instead I went along with life, choosing to be — and stay — in love.

    We’ve shared every milestone and achievement.

    We’ve gone from mouse-infested apartments and empty bank accounts to a comfortable adult life and everything in between. Everything we’ve accomplished — separately or together — has been met with a familiar high-five.

    Crazy, wild memories? We’ve got ‘em.

    The fact that my husband has first-person memories of me at 19 years old and all of the ridiculous, passion-fueled memories that come with a young romance is something I’ll be quite grateful for as I hit middle age.

    We’re happier, apparently.

    According to the National Marriage Project’s 2013 report, “Knot Yet,” the most satisfied 20-somethings (between 20 and 28 years old) are married, as opposed to being single or cohabitating. In fact, those who reported their marriage as “very happy” were largely between 24 and 26 years old. Another study showed that those married between 22 and 25 years old have the greatest likelihood of having an intact marriage. And The Huffington Post reported on more research that showed clear benefits to getting married in our 20s.” (Huffington Post)

    I know being married young has blessed me and my husband.  We have established a life together.  I remember thinking how weird it was that at age 37 my mom had been married longer than she was single and how no one would have thought they would have made it that far but they did.  I have been so blessed in my home growing up with a couple that grow and loved each other and now my husband and I look foward to the day of when we have been married longer that we are single.  We have been blessed with children, a three homes, a wonderful career, a business, eduation, health and the list goes on and on.  We have followed the counsel of the Proclamation to marry for eternity when the time was right for us.  I hope more couples will realize the blessings of being married young and what a wonderful life you can have with the person you love and care for. 

Sources: Successful Marriages and Families, Michigan Live, PopSugar, Huffington Post

Image: Proposals 





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