Event Flier Project

Event Flyer Project


This projected was created using Microsoft Wordrsz_screen_shot_eventflierrachelmatthews

Process: Fall Festival is the PTA’s biggest fundraiser so I had the idea and needed to search for an image that would attract the attention of children. I retrieved an image from online that went with my message and red and brick color scheme. I added a decorative Marker Felt Font,  filled it in with brick coloring to match the brick circles, and outlined the lettering in black.  I thickened the weight of the line so it would grab the attention of the reader. I added a circle and filled it in, using my orange color scheme, where I placed my, red Candara serif font, body copy .  I used red on the body copy to go along with the red devil costume. Then I added a brick circle off to the left and a black circle to the upper right corner where I used transparency on so it wouldn’t be too bold. Then I added the date to the black balloon for a quick reference to the day, date and time.

Critique Process: I critiqued Brittany Picket, Lisa Smith, Connie Shirley, Loni Wong, and Savanah Burke.  I was critiqued by Emmanuel Gonzalez, Lisa McBeth Smith, and my instructor.  It was suggested that I realign the body copy, and try to make my title bolder by changing the color or size and just reworking it to stand out more to pass the focus test.  It was also suggested to make the font bigger on the balloon.  I did take most of the advice given to me  but I felt the rest could remain.  The changes I did make to my design really helped to enhance it.

Color Scheme: Brick and Red

Fonts: Title: Marker Felt (Decorative), Body Copy: Candara (Regular, San Serif)

Link to Image: http://lessonplanspage.com/fun-free-halloween-lesson-plans-for-the-fall-season/