Movie Poster Project


Message/Audience: I wanted my message to be fun with action and something every parent relates to.  Every parent knows the challenge of getting children to and from their various destinations.  Under the title is a small synopsis of the movie which tells a little bit about me.  My audience is anyone who has driven children to various destinations and experienced the joy of getting them their safely.  It is also intended for family and employers who would like a to see my work or have a peek at my personality. The message should be a stay at home mom who gave up her career and finds that being a homemaker is anything but ordinary, especially when it comes to transporting. 

Critique: I critiqued Klaire Bryce, Lisa Smith, and Carrie Svozil.  I was critiqued by Jenifer Asplund, Lisa Smith, and Sister Peterson.  It was suggested that I move my image to the right to allow a nicer flow of white space, increase my body copy font size to read more easily, clean up the sharpness of my blended images, add my name and try a background color.  I cleaned up my sharpness of my image so it blended nicer, moved my image, and increased the body copy size.  I made changes to the poster based on the suggestions given to me and it did enhance the quality of my poster. 

Fonts:  Title- SF Movie Poster Condensed Title (San Serif), Body Copy- SF Move Poster (San Serif)

Images: The self-portrait was taken on my own and here is the link to the other image.

Cars image