Slide Design Project

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Speakers Outline

Marriage is ordained of God

  • In today’s disposable society marriages are becoming equally disposable.
  • Marriage is ordained of God.
  • Humility and Repentance Marriage
  • Natural Man

Marriage ordained of God

  • The keys to surviving and enjoying marriage are found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The Family Proclamation to the World
  • When we humbly turn our minds, or lives and our purpose over to God, He will refine us.
  • We gladly give our time energy to bless those around us especially those with whom we have made covenants with.

Flat tire relationship

  • “A Bad attitude is like a flat tire, If you don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere.”
  • Appreciation inflates the tires on which we travel. Criticism is a slow leak in those tires.
  • Create a willingness to set your partner up for success
  • Love is not an accident it is a choice.

Put off the Natural Man

“The Natural man is inclined to think that the problem is our partner, the man of Christ knows that the irritation is probably the result of some faulty thinking some troublesome assumption and expectation nested in our unconscious.  We can remove the judging even if we cannot track down the troublesome assumptions.”

Irritation can be your friend

  • Muhammad Ali says, “It isn’t the mountains ahead to climb that wear you down. It’s the pebble in your shoe.”
  • Irritation alerts you to the risk, just like a pebble in your shoe can cause blisters.
  • In Marriage, irritation serves the vital function of alerting us that something we are doing is creating a sore.
  • Irritation should be used as an invitation to repentance.


  • How do we use repentance to make our marriage stronger?
  • We can repent of our narrow, trivial, superficial demands. We can recognize that a person is beautiful because we choose to love her or him.
  • Humility to know our perceptions are very limited
  • In the spirit of humility, we listen to our partner and we listen to God

Greener where you water

  • James Marshall says, “The grass is greener on the side of the fence you water.”
  • Goddard teaches, “If we tend our own little patch, even with all its weeds and rocks, we will find a joy that passes understanding.  If we sit on the fence and dream, we will lose even our allotted garden spot. And the devil knows that.
  • If you want a successful marriage you must put the time and effort into your marriage, don’t fault find in your partner.  Instead offer your assistance improve the situation and marriage.
  • Don’t get caught in the trap of fault finding, water your own lawn let it flourish and grow.


I started the process by sketching a plan that went along with the message I wanted to share from Drawing Heaven into your marriage, chapter 4 by H. Wallace Goddard, PHD. (2009) My audience was anyone over the age of eighteen and especially to those who are struggling in marriage.  I wanted a simple design with a powerful message.  I started by rough sketching my ideas out on paper. (attached below).  After sketching it out I created the slides in powerpoint and searched for images online that would work with my outline and message. I used a flat design, with full bleed images, using a repeating element while using a gold and red color scheme.


Critique Report:

I critiqued Lisa Wong, Joshua Jones, Carrie Svozil and Melanie Jones.  I was critiqued by Lani Wong,  Carrie Svozil, and my Instructor.  I was advised to keep fonts together not separate, keep colors all light or dark on the repeating element, use the same font on each slide, and try to apply the typography on slide two to the rest of the design.  I accepted all advice given to me and changed my design to be more appealing and communicate more effectively.

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Fonts:   Apple Chancery (Decorative), Farah (San Serif)

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