Tasteful Typography Project

Tasteful Typography

I designed this project in Microsoft Word.



Process: I first found a quote that I liked.  Then I searched for an image that would send the  message of not being alone to my audience.  My audience was adolescents and adults.  I copied the image into Microsoft word and then changed the view to publisher so it would be easier to add elements into the design.  I resized the image and flipped it horizontally to cover the enter page.  I then added textboxes for the body and title.  I  added two lines, which helped with a repeating element and in trying to tie the elements together. I used contrasting fonts and used colors that would add value to the design.  After advice from fellow classmates and satisfaction with the design I saved it to a pdf file then converted it to a jpg for easier viewing from online sources. (picresizer.com and pdf2jpg.net)

Critique Report: I critiqued Makenzie Miller, Connie Shirley, Lisa Smith, and Rosemary vincent.  I was critiqued by my instructor and Lisa Smith.  I also had friends and family look at my design to understand how the design was being perceived . Through my critiques I changed my original picture, due to low resolution, to the current one placed above.  I added another line and removed an element to bring the design together.  After those changes were made I again went through the critique process again since I made a major change to the design where it was suggested to change the font color on the quote author and that change was made to enhance and not take away from the design. The critiques we very helpful and I made changes according to the critiques I received.  This lead me to the design you see today!

Link to Image:http://www.mghclaycenter.org/parenting-concerns/teenagers/teen-talks-suicide/

Font name/category:Title, Ayuthaya, San Serif  Body Copy: Cambria, Serif