Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Carol’s Daughter

Objective: Inform and promote this product to women who struggle with hair issues.

Strategy: To create an infographic that would lead women to check out and purchase this product.



Process: I love this product and wanted to inform woman with all different types of hair problems that this product is for them.  I choose to create an infographic.  I began by finding images that would visually communicate the different types of hair issues people have.  For every hair dilemma pictured,  a product by Carol’s Daughter was listed below the picture to fix it.  I wanted to give information on the growth process so researched the product and shared the wonderful story of how this product is all natural and started in Lisa’s kitchen.  I felt it was important to know that this product has been around and has had hardships but kept going to bring us wonderful products.  I used pink colors to attract the feminine side of the product.  Lastly, I added the hashtag so one could easily access how Carol’s Daughter is “Beauty by Nature”.

Critique: I critiqued Rosemary Vincent and Connie Willard projects.  I Autumn Goettman and Lisa Smith commented on my design.  They liked the overall product but thought it could flow better with less white space in the process box.  My instructor wanted me to remove the pink background from the title.  She then suggested that I move my bottom image to the right since  the photo is leading to the left and alignment suggestions were also given for my text.  I followed the advice given and readjusted my design elements to allow for better white space, I removed the pink background and realigned my text boxes, and moved my bottom image to the left.


Dry Hair

Frizzy Hair




Lisa Price

Carol’s daughter