Final Portfolio

Process: Since this is a portfolio I  had most of the content created for this project. I took the designs I have made and saved them as jpgs.  Then I inserted the jpgs into Microsoft Powerpoint.  There I added a little design element, different colors and titles to create consistency within the design.  I added a beginning and end slide to Introduce and conclude my design abilities.  This project was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy my work!

Critique: I critiqued Lisa Smith and Carrie Svozil.  I was critiqued by Joshua Jones and Rosemary Vincent as well as Sister Peterson.  I was advised to keep all the font size and typography to create consistency.  My instructor suggested I make sure everything is aligned, I was missing a repeating element on one slide and to fix Designer on the introduction slide. I was also reminded to add a conclusion slide. I took all suggestions that were offered to me, made changes to my typography to create consistency.  I then added the conclusion slide and made sure I had all repeating elements.